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Power Beaming System

Power is needed for everything and effective delivery over 10's of thousands of kilometers is not easy. Various methods were examined and laser power beaming was selected for the baseline. This is a mature yet still rapidly evolving technology.

Value Units
Power input 20 - 150 MW
Power in laser beam 2 - 15 MW
Primary Beam diameter 10-30 meters
Wavelength TBD nm
Tracking accuracy TBD mrad
Power source Solid-state disk laser


Boeing has demonstrated operation of a 25kW laser of teh kind we need and claim they can build MW lasers Beaming 9+kW lasers over short distances are being demonstrated at the Spaceward Space Elevator Games Adaptive optics have demonstrated long distance capabilities Include images and videos from the SE Games Include design write-ups

Delivering power over the distance of the elevator is a challenge but quickly being addressed by current technology.

Work Needed

Item Notes
Categorize the available laser systems Select for overall capital and operational cost, efficiency of recievers, lifetime, weather considerations, platform stability requirements,...
Detail optics system Size, performance, cost, ... considerations.
Safety issues with high power laser Outline the requirements for safe operations

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