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Let's build up a list of interesting scenarios to push the driving capabilities of a Torcs Robot.

All of this can be done independently of the vision side of things.

Some inspiration:





CA Driving handbook: http://www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/dl600.pdf

In general, everything we do will be a race! Even when we obey the speed limit, we'd like the car to pass slower cars, take the shortest route, etc.

General & Racing


  • The Torcs robot should understand the concept of segments.


  • You can go faster around curves with an incline.
  • Deal with segments having different friction coefficients.
  • Skid around a corner to be faster. (Can AWD cars do that?)
  • Deal with not having a pre-calced line.
  • Make sure you don't jump off a cliff (What is on the other side of that hill?)
  • Dealing best with unknown obstacles that just appear. (pothole, deer)



Urban driving

Urban segments

  • Segments should have properties such as one-way.
  • Segments can have positioned annotations such as stop sign.


  • Have the car go through a list of waypoints.
  • Have a car go to a list of places and do it with the least amount of driving.

Parking lots

  • Have a car enter a segment free zone, and find a parking spot.


Once the major rules are in place, then we create scenarios of other things not following the rules:

  • Create cars that blow through Stop signs.
  • Learning to pass slow cars depending
  • Handling the case where there is an accident and the proper routes are blocked.