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Title: Economics Team

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  • Moderator: Ed Gray
  • Contact e-mail: Place the lead user's e-mail address here
  • Created: Aug 2, 2008
  • Modified: Aug 2, 2008


  • This space is for the economic development team discussions

Economics Pillar
Lead: Ed Gray
650-576-7315 cell
650-731-6399 fax
E-mail Ed Gray

Here is an area for us to consolidate our work related to economic analysis, market research and financial outreach aimed at making the space elevator an operating reality.

Team Members

These individuals have expressed interest in contributing to business-related efforts. Join us!

Ed Gray (Half Moon Bay, CA) e-mail Mr. Gray
John Beach (Austin, TX) e-mail Mr. Beach
Dr. Charles Polk (Bainbridge, WA) e-mail Dr. Polk
Victor E. Cummings (King of Prussia, PA) e-mail Mr. Cummings
Michael Siani-Rose (San Francisco, CA) e-mail Mr. Siani-Rose
John Lee (Estes Park, CO) e-mail Mr. Lee
Lars Wyatt (Portland, OR e-mail Mr. Wyatt
Erik Wyatt (Bellevue, WA) e-mail Mr. Wyatt
Gustavo Franco (Redmond, WA) e-mail Mr. Franco

Mission of Business Pillar
Draft Version 0.1

We will deliver practical financial and market analysis that lends focus and clarity to the business challenges of developing and deploying the space elevator. Where our colleagues seek help to develop and distribute business plans related to the space elevator and its antecedent projects, we will point them to targeted, useful information and advise them on their efforts. We will develop a targeted database of financial contacts, including industry experts and sources of funding.