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Collecting ideas

Collect ideas what to ...

... change to make races need more of our skills

TORCS races on static tracks, we can use dynamic changes like

  • raining
  • wind
  • oil
  • obstacles

... add to the simulation to make driving need more of our skills

To be able to simulate modern driver assistance systems, we should implement

  • single wheel braking
  • dynamically adjusted suspension
  • automatic wings (activated by car's speed)

... add to the new UI to make use of it while testing our new modules

  • Handle complex parameter sets instead of select all settings individually
  • Filter the driverlist (Type of cars, type of robots, ... ) to get a faster overview
  • Give a warning if illegal selections are made

Example: TORCS crashes with out a warning, if no driver is selected. The point is, double clicking to a driver shows the drivers data in the middle "selected" area (car type etc.) but doesn't select the driver to the selected drivers list! So it is a common user error to select no driver and wonder why the system dissapears from the screen while starting the race.

Live Simulations

It would be cool to be able setup a situation where a car is following a series of rules, and you can play God and add or subtract parts of the world while the system is live and watch how it behaves. (Saving changes, so that this can become the track for next time...). I'd like to be able to add barriers, or stop signs, or whatever and test how the driving engine handles it.