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well all i can say is that i am a space elavator nut and want nothinmg else but a working space elavator any help will gladley be appreciated i will add more later and who ever came up with the site is amazing and hope it works:)but first we must assess the majore challenges that has been laid out i am no scientist or maths genius but i am one thing determined.

my expected due date for space elavator no later than 2020 maby less if more people or the whole world contrubuted

i am in this for the long term and belive me finding a site like this was hard so please dont stop all the work u guys are doing its helping.

since this sit is so good and has all my intrestes i will try to requite people sorry bad spelling:/

if u want leave comments so i can answer them to the best of my ability and feel free to ask me some personal things to get to know me better and lets fix the problems that the space elavator is fasing in its infancy feel free to ask:)

well i am aiming at a SE that can bring space exploration to a reality but aint we all?

last thing i will be on regurarley to check for updates

all we got to think about is the cable and that is not science fiction we look at all the cities and bridges we have made and you compare that with the SE its really small compared to those and price 10 BIll other things we have made cost more!!

i think people still think its science fiction or it would have been made by now

wow 7 years we could have this thing up and running if we work together,

that was awsome reading i loved everyword but all we need to do now to make it a reality.

yes i do belive rockets are flawed but they have more than enough power to get to the moon or to mars if the SE was made we all keep saying rockets cant do this or that but in fact the answer is staring us in the face SE

yes i belive this will unite the world so the SE is needed badley for world peice its a critical piece to to insure our survival do you agree?

oh i was wandering is this page the page i put all my comments and what not?

Sure you can put your comments here

But not many people will notice it.

oh so where do i put comments?

we need people to notice that a SE is possible or they wont do it i have been doing some reading there was somthing writin possible yours that a good way of transportation is by spinning the carbon nano tubes into a yarn so wouldint that be more inttelegent to do just think about it we would have plenty of the stuff for repairs?

its weird people like the ideas of spaceships and they all support the shuttle but in the long run that will get us knowhere but what they dont relise is that a SE is 100* better than it in the immidiate long run and without a SE we cant make large ships in space for colonisation and what not:(

its the only way of getting huge amounts of cargo into orbit!!! i think you would agree.

i have looked at other theorys like making a base on the moon but how would we do that without a SE?

i sometimes wonder how many people are working on this mega project which is small compareable to making anti-matter or something like that which i consider a waste of time why dont we put all the money we spending in highley unlikely to happen in 100 years projets to the SE?

its weierd the government/governments are putting all thier energy into making other unrealistic projects and tottaly missing the SE alltogether.

i heard from someone cant we make the cable smaller and keep it in space and we get a private company like richard bransons spaceship one to fly into space just high enough so it does not burn up in re-entry and latch onto the cable where a service lift comes to pick up the crew and then elavated into the hotel? then space ship one which is completley re-usable goes back down then flyies all the way back up and does the same thing again but offcourse all the maths have to be worked out for that to happen and if its feasible.

but if we are making a cable strong enough then we woulidnt need to do that.

i am looking at the major challenges i reckon i can help some solve some of the problems but first need to learn how to use this site properley i also would need more data on my end but this will do.

but ultimatley we need lots of people working together!

i will start on the ribbon first and work my way down. this reminds me of school and all those assingments and deadlines and exams.