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Just found this, which may solve several high-priority tasks, all related to users and community.


...commited...create branch for testing... it working, do a bit less that what we like, see if I need to fork or if I can extend it.

...fully integrated and styled, pushing to linode.

...found layout bugs, needed fix.

...found that login do not redirect to the user specific homepage but to an old-style wordpress profile. fixing..

...finally done!

User Profile



We need to allow users to register directly as contributors so they can post blog entries.

  • Registrations needs to be moderated.
  • User entries have to be moderated to prevent spam.
  • User entries shouldn't go into any category, so they only appear on the user's page.
    • Or eventually, they go into any category, but the category listing pages should only show posts from a defined set of users. (Bukem, Admin, etc)


Display blog entry forms in the "profile" page (if profile shown = logged-in user)

TDO Mini Forms, allows to put a form to publish content.

If done well, it can be used by users, editors (goodlooking members) and administrator to "create/edit/delete" content. We can kill two bird with one stone!

Post photos

Post music