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Activities for Dave Lang

Date Time Tasks
2008-Sep-23 1.5 hours Looking into Ubuntu and open source Fortrans
2008-Sep-24 0.5 hours Communication/Admin; Mac Intel PC Virtual Machine exploration
2008-Sep-25 1.0 hours Getting PC Virtual Machine "VMware Fusion"; Install and set-up configurations
2008-Sep-26 1.5 hours Download and Install Ubuntu; Problems encountered with VMware-Fusion & Ubuntu windows; Looking into changing to Parallels VM for Mac
2008-Sep-27 3.5 hours Download Parallels; Familization with installation and configuration; Identifying choice of Open source Fortran 95; Some Python education
2008-Sep-29 3.0 hours Install Parallels VM on Mac; Exploring Python and Array Pointers
2008-Sep-30 5.0 hours Install and Configure Ubuntu under Parallels; Bringing up Ubuntu desktop; Figuring out VM Ubuntu-to-Mac file transfer procedure.
==========> TOTAL TIME IN SEPTEMBER End of Pay Period: 1 Time Spent = 16 hrs
2008-Oct-1 2.0 hours Establishing and testing Ubuntu/GTOSS inter-machine file transfer path options
2008-Oct-3 1.5 hours Move GTOSS source to Ubuntu; Download GNU "g95 Fortran"
2008-Oct-4 3.0 hours Figuring out g95 Fortran installation; Linux System admin stuff
2008-Oct-5 6.0 hours Business Admin; Setting up Fortran installation; Solving configuragtion difficulties
2008-Oct-6 7.5 hours Solved config problem(s), g95 now executes; Dealing w/GNU-vs-Absoft Fortran idiosyncracies; Successful compile of GTOSS; entering Makefile/Config purgatory (but not Hell); Successful "makes" of all GTOSS apps
2008-Oct-7 4.5 hours Brought-up "GTOSS-verification scripts" under Ubuntu; Wrestling with g95 application "segmentation faults"; Exploring Python vers for Mac
2008-Oct-8 4.5 hours Chasing Seg Fault problem.
2008-Oct-9 6.5 hours Seg Fault solved; Ubuntu GTOSS execution verified; Preparing Ubuntu GTOSS install manual; Preparing GTOSS distribution files
2008-Oct-10 2.5 hours Developing Ubuntu GTOSS "Getting Started" manual; Organizing GTOSS Delivery docs; Exploring Python Object Oriented features
2008-Oct-11 3.5 hours Preparing Ubuntu GTOSS "Getting Started" manual; Organizing GTOSS Delivery docs
2008-Oct-12 6.5 hours Preparing Ubuntu GTOSS "Getting Started" manual; Setting up Intel-Ubuntu PC
2008-Oct-13 7.5 hours Preparing Ubuntu GTOSS "Getting Started" manual; Exploring g95 compiler for Kubuntu on Intel PC
2008-Oct-14 XX hours xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2008-Oct-15 XX hours xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
==========> TOTAL TIME IN SEPTEMBER End of Pay Period: 2 Time Spent = xx hrs
XX hours xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx