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OpenRacing Screenshots

Bellow, you'll find some screenshots showing work in progress of Ogre renderer and GUIs.


The aim of the task is to build a C# core for Torcs.

We were creating new C# plugins for a C++ engine, which had to communicate through layers of C# <-> C++ conversions.

I'd like to build a next generation core in C#. For fast development purpose, it first will be able to use current C++ plugins.

C# plugins will be used without the C++ interface, thus allowing to take full advantage of C# design.

Current core relies on plib and other oldness, let's remove all of this!


  • Load a complete track using C++ plugin : DONE.
  • Initialize OgreDotNet graphic plugins to display the track : DONE.
  • Load cars / physics engine : DONE.
  • Load a C++ driver / create C# interface : DONE.
  • Load sharpy's driver, make it run a car : WIP.
  • Make a GUI designed for our needs (load a track, evaluate drivers, run simulation in background, ...) : WIP


  • OgreDotNet for the visualization.
  • MyGUI for GUIs
  • OIS for inputs