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Torcs' C# interface

Compiling it

The MonoDevelop project is in torcs/sharpy.

Just build the whole solution.


Graphic plugin uses OgreDotNet, you should compile it first (the MonoDevelop project will look for DLL in mercurial's ogredotnet directory).

Installing it

The .exe file will be found by torcs using "sharpy/monographic.exe" file.

To make him found it, it should be placed into torcs' data folder.

On my computer it is /usr/local/share/games/torcs/, so here are the commands to type:

 mkdir /usr/local/share/games/torcs/sharpy
 cp torcs/sharpy/monographic/bin/Debug/* /usr/local/share/games/torcs/sharpy

Ogre3D C# binding is also needed:

 cp ogredotnet/bin/ /usr/local/share/games/torcs
 cp ogredotnet/bin/plugins-unix.cfg /usr/local/share/games/torcs/plugins.cfg

Under windows, I suppose you'll have to change to OgreBindings.dll, and plugins-unix.cfg to plugins-win.cfg.

Using it

You should edit ~/.torcs/config/raceengine.xml and change graphic module name from "ssgraph" to "ogre3d".

It will then use default mono directories, you can override them by specifying environment variables :

  • MY_MONO_LIB (to /usr/lib for example)
  • MY_MONO_ETC (to /etc for example)

For WDB's computer:


Enjoying it

Not yet!