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I think this is an excellent proposal and think tags are a good idea!

My only issue is that we should try to find a way to template it, or do something so that it is easy to edit. Your box looks beautiful but it creates a bunch of markup. I presume that is what you meant when you listed the next steps.

Do you know if mediawiki has support for it in their template mechanism?

It also does support categories. Have you played with them?

I also found this extension:

If you want me to install any mediawiki extensions, just send me URLs!

Keithcu 03:10, 7 July 2008 (EDT)

Tags and all

Well - a tag extension will be great - I took a quick look at it and it seems to be on the same page (ha!) as we are.

I've hard-coded the first couple of tag boxes just to mess with the look and feel.

I was going to template it of course, so that the only thing a page has to do is trnasclude it and pass along the parameters.

As I mention in the tag document, we can implement privileged tags inside the template.

The problem with this implementation is that since nothing is marked up, I don't know if there's an easy way to search or generate pages based on the tags.

If we use the extension, I assume the "edit page" page will have additional checkboxes to mark tags, and that the API is somehow extended so that within the template we can query the value of the tags.

I'll read more and get back to you.