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Title: Performance

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  • Moderator: Brad Edwards
  • Created: July 6, 2008
  • Modified: July 25, 2008


  • This is a collaborative article
  • Discipline(s): Wiki, Engineering


Here we will define the performance desired and the expected performance. This will help define what areas are most critical for development.

All values in this table need to supported with solid arguments and calculations.

Desired Expected
Payload mass 100 100
Max speed of ascent 1000 kph 200 kph
Time to GEO 1 day 1 week
Time to Moon 4 days 10 days
Time to Mars 1 month 3 months
Size limitations None limited by wind loading
Radiation load None TBD
Launches per year 365 200
Cost per kg to LEO $100 $1000
Cost per kg to GEO $100 $1000
Cost per kg to Moon, Mars,... $1000 $1000

Major Development Issues Related to this Component

None at this time

Additional Work Needed

Item Notes Completed and Ongoing Efforts
Detailed transit calculations Detailed orbital mechanic calculations from Earth to all conceivable destinations. Include standard orbit transfers as well as stopping at the destination. Consider rocket braking and elevator capture
Cargo size for different operational scenarios This pertains to the differences between cargo size that can be lifted from Earth to GEO vs. cargo sizes that can be assembled at GEO then thrown to their final destination

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