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The Climber

Ascending the ribbon efficiently and reliably is crucial. The climber utilizes current technology throughout and is under development through the Spaceward Foundation Space Elevator Games.

Value Units
Mass 30 tons
Height 20 meters
Width 20 meters
Payload 60 tons
Maximum Velocity 200 kph
Power usage 2 MW


The working climber design is File:Climber.aoi. Notes on the design are located [climberdesignnotes.odt here]


Small climbers have been demonstrated through the Spaceward Space Elevator Games

Value Units
Mass 25 kg
Height 2 meter
Width 2 meter
Payload 10 kg
Maximum Velocity 18 kph
Power usage 9 kW

Include images and videos from the SE Games Include design write-ups

Work Needed

The climber has the most engineering work that needs to be done and the most opportunity for individuals and groups to get directly involved.

Item Notes
Categorize the available PV cells for use with the power beaming system Need manufacturer, size, thickness, cost, efficiency curves, radiation degradation curve, ...
Categorize the available motors Need manufacturer, power, efficiency curve vs RPM, mass, operational in vaccuum, cost,...
PV array design Optimize for collection, efficiency, mass, use in unidirectional -0.1 to +1 gravity,...
Roller design Minimize mass, operational with low-friction ribbon, minimal variation in force applied across the ribbon, tons per roller drive, ...
Overall structure design Minimize mass, design to handle oscillations, operation in wind, operation in unidirectional and two directional gravity field (-0.1 to +1.0)
Operations Work out a detailed operational scenario including fault handling, start-up through ascent, power loss and restart,

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