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Title: Applications
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  • Created: July 6, 2008
  • Modified: July 25, 2008


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Justification for construction of the space elevator is critical - to reason to build it and it won't be built. To this end, well defined applications are absolutely critical.

Application Status
Solar Power Satellites Air Force write up, NASA report, JAXA Report, ESA Report, NAS Report, Kellum report File:SSP-SE Proposal.odt
Lunar Base File:SE Lunar Program 1.odt, File:SE Lunar.odt
Mars Elevator / Base File:Martian Elevator.odt, File:Mars cable.dxf,
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Asteroid Elevator File:Asteroid Elevator.odt
Geostation Write-up of concept File:Inflatable Geodesic Sphere.odt, 3d model File:GeoStation.wrl,
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Tourism File:ASCENTFinalReport V1.pdf, File:ASCENTFinalReport V2.pdf Futron reports
Military File:SE military White Paper.odt
Spin-off technology SpinOffTechnology


The climber has the most engineering work that needs to be done and the most opportunity for individuals and groups to get directly involved.

Work Needed

Item Notes Completed and Ongoing Efforts
Full review and independent assessment of lunar base proposal Viability, issues, business or other rational for doing this.
Full review of Solar Power Satellite concept Realistically do we need SSP? If so review and evaluate Kellum's work. Categorize potential sponsors for such a system - Japan, British Petroleum,..., also is manned presence required if so evaluate geostation viability
Evaluate tourism potential Based on current space tourism studies, what is the best business case for tourism with the space elevator - 8 hour trips to LEO, 24 hour trips to LEO, 3 week trips to a GEO station,...?
Evaluate long-term economic impact of a space elevator for investor/owner How rich do owners become in various scenarios, how would an elevator affect the builder's economy (U.S., Japan, Germany, Korea, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, ...)

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