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Radiation Protection for Humans in Transit

If we want to transport humans we need to reduce the radiation exposure expected on the baseline slow (200kph)ascent.

  1. Start with Anders Jorgensen’s work and evaluate extent of issue
  2. Outline potential solutions
    • Speed
    • Active shielding (electrostatic, plasma, bounded magnetic field, unbounded field, other)
    • Passive shielding
  3. Work out a scenario using solutions to allow humans to transit on elevator
  4. Model the complete radiation exposure in a materials/radiation code or initially in a spreadsheet

Ongoing Work

Title:Open for Use:
  • Lead: Abe Becker
  • E-mail: abrahambecker@yahoo.com
  • Focus: find solution(s) applicable to SE for protection of personnel from ionizing radiation in Van Allen Belts, solar space weather, galactic cosmic rays.
Title:Open for Use:
  • Lead: Place Name Here
  • E-mail: Place E-mail Here
  • Focus: Write a brief line or two on what the page is to work on. This is so other might step up to help.