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OpenRacing is a racing game, but it is also a simulator which aims to develop better artificial intelligence for human-driving assistance and driverless cars. It is based on the Torcs codebase, but is being methodically re-written into C#, ported to leverage the graphics engine Ogre, the physics engine ODE, the input system OIS, the widget API MyGui (which now has C# wrappers, at our request), and extended with a more general track model.

Then, we will have a clean and 10x smaller codebase for building smarter autonomous vehicles which can handle the complexities of urban scenarios, and can eventually navigate via the use of a vision recognition engine and simulated sensors like radar and GPS.

Current Status

The work in progress is here.


OpenRacing Universal Track Interface

Building OpenRacing

OpenRacing hosted in Launchpad / Bzr

Source, etc. is here: Launchpad

Install the dependencies

These instructions assume Ubuntu. If you are running something else, your steps will vary slightly. Instructions here

Compile OpenRacing

Go into openracing's directory.


The script installs a few missing files and generate the usual configure script.

Then launch configure.

$ ./configure --with-ogredotnet=/full/path/to/ogredotnet-read-only/bin --with-myguinet=/full/path/to/mygui-or/Bin/Debug

If everything got right, an openracing script should have been generated. You can launch it immediately or install OpenRacing into the system.

$ make
$ sudo make install

And launch!


If it doesn't work, please complain to us so we can fix the bugs!