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Get [http://www.mono-project.com Mono].
Get [http://www.mono-project.com Mono].

[[Install Ogre and OgreDotNet]].
Install OgreDotNet following the [[Ubuntu-Linux_Users| Ubuntu]] instructions.

Install [http://www.swig.org/ SWIG].
Install [http://www.swig.org/ SWIG].

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Current Status

OpenRacing is a branch of Torcs-NG, which aims to make the codebase smaller and more malleable.

Quote from Gary Hamel, The Future of Management:

Sometimes the real hurdle to renewal is not a lack of options, but a lack of flexibility in resource allocation. All too often, legacy projects get richly funded year after year while new initiatives go begging. This, more than anything, is why companies regularly forfeit the future -- they over invest in "what is" at the expense of "what could be."
New projects are deemed "untested", "risky", or a "diversion of resources." Thus while senior execs may happily fund a billion-dollar acquisition, someone a few levels down who attempts to "borrow" a half-dozen talented individuals for a new project, or carve a few thousand dollars out of a legacy budget, is likely to find the task on par with a dental extraction.
The resource allocation model is typically biased against new ideas, since it demands a level of certainty about volumes, costs, timelines, and profits that simply can't be satisfied when an ideal is truly novel. While it's easy to predict the returns on a project that is a linear extension of an existing business, the payback on an unconventional idea will be harder to calculate.
Managers running established businesses seldom have to defend the strategic risk they take when they pour good money into a slowly decaying business model, or overfund an activity that is already producing diminishing returns.
How do you accelerate the redeployment of resources from legacy programs to future-focused initiatives?

OpenRacing hosted in Launchpad

Source, etc. is here: Launchpad

Getting started

OpenRacing is still experimental software, so it may requires a few hacks to get working right.

Install the dependencies

Ubuntu users

Instructions here.


Get Mono.


Install OgreDotNet following the Ubuntu instructions.

Install SWIG.

That's not finished: MyGUI (prefer SVN over "stable version". Stable didn't compile on my system. SVN repository did).

Finally, OIS and that's all for now!

Build OpenRacing

Go into openracing's directory.


The script installs a few missing files and generate the usual configure script.

Then launch configure.

$ ./configure --with-ogredotnet=/path/to/ogredotnet/bin

If everything got right, an openracing script should have been generated. You can launch it immediately or install OpenRacing into the system.

$ su
# make install

And launch!

openracing --quick-race

If it doesn't work, please complain to us so we can fix the bugs!


OpenRacing Universal Track Interface