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The Space Elevator Development Wiki

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This wiki is intended to be a repository of information and a baseline for research of the space elevator. More about this WIki and the effort


  1. Provide accurate information on the construction of a viable space elevator
  2. Be the source of technical information during the initial stages of construction

New Work Completed

7/24/2008: Some mail servers are very picky about the from address and are silently throwing away messages from the wiki. For now, you don't need to confirm your e-mail address to make changes.

7/20/2008: Added support for embedding Google spreadsheets.

7/15/2008: Issue tracker was added!

7/13/2008: Domain was registered!

News archive.

Wiki Index

Baseline space elevator design:
  • to be used as a common starting point for ongoing work
  • will be updated continuously as new refinements are made

Major Space Elevator Design Challenges:
  • this is the short list of the major technical challenges we are faced with
  • these challenges are where people can make the greatest impact quickly

Archive of detailed work:
  • detailed calculations, images, designs, etc. will be stored for use and easy retrieval

Simulation software:
  • resource code for conducting simulations of elevator components and interactions
  • current understanding of relationships will be incorporate
  • Scenarios
  • Collaboration
  • Spreadsheets
  • Collada
  • Blender
  • Physics Models
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • K3D
  • Other Software

Development Leads:
  • Individuals and what they are working on
  • Brad Edwards
  • Keith Curtis
  • Ben Shelef


Archive of uploaded files that need categorization: Special:Imagelist

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Current Wiki To-do list