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= The Space Elevator Development Wiki =
= The Space Elevator Development Wiki =
[[Image:Se04_print1_web.jpg | 400 px]]
[[Image:Se04_print1_web.jpg | 600 px]]
== Mission ==
== Mission ==

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The Space Elevator Development Wiki

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This Wiki site is intended to be the backbone for an open source development of the space elevator. It will be a repository of information and a baseline for future work. Like opensource software, the core of knowledge will be maintained and all are welcome to contribute. Each contribution will be refined and added to the core. The ultimate goal is to provide the knowledge needed for the inevitable construction of the space elevator.


Keith Curtis

Bradley Edwards

Primary Components

Baseline space elevator design: [1]

  • to be used as a common starting point for ongoing work
  • will be updated continuously as new refinements are made

Archive of detailed work: [2]

  • detailed calculations, images, designs, etc. will be stored for use and easy retrieval

Simulation software: [3]

  • resource code for conducting simulations of elevator components and interactions
  • current understanding of relationships will be incorporated