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* Individuals and what they are working on
* Individuals and what they are working on
*Brad Edwards
*[[user:edwards |Brad Edwards]] brad_edwards@yahoo.com
*Keith Curtis
*Keith Curtis
*Ben Shelef
*Ben Shelef

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The Space Elevator Development Wiki

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This wiki is intended to be a repository of information and a baseline for research of the space elevator. More about this WIki and the effort


  1. Provide accurate information on the construction of a viable space elevator
  2. Be the source of technical information during the initial stages of construction

New Work Completed

7/24/2008: Filled in the details for about half the item listed under work that needs to be done. This should help define the tasks and please feel free to contact me (Edwards) with any technical questions on issues or how to get started.

7/24/2008: Templates were inserted for User pages so everyone can fill in their contact information and what they are interested in. Please feel free to add anything else you feel is relevant.

7/24/2008: Some mail servers are very picky and are silently throwing away messages from the wiki. For now, you don't need to confirm your e-mail address to make changes.

7/20/2008: Added support for embedding Google spreadsheets.

7/15/2008: Issue tracker was added!

7/13/2008: Domain was registered!

News archive.

Wiki Index

Baseline space elevator design:
  • to be used as a common starting point for ongoing work
  • will be updated continuously as new refinements are made

Major Space Elevator Design Challenges:
  • this is the short list of the major technical challenges we are faced with
  • these challenges are where people can make the greatest impact quickly

Archive of detailed work:
  • detailed calculations, images, designs, etc. will be stored for use and easy retrieval

Simulation software:
  • resource code for conducting simulations of elevator components and interactions
  • current understanding of relationships will be incorporate
  • Scenarios
  • Collaboration
  • Spreadsheets
  • Collada
  • Blender
  • Physics Models
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • K3D
  • Other Software

Development Leads:
  • Individuals and what they are working on


Archive of uploaded files that need categorization: Special:Imagelist

Tags Proposal

Current Wiki To-do list