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This page should be combined with:

C#'ed 3D Rendering Engine

To be replaced by Ogre

Physics Engine

To be replaced by ODE

User Interface

We need to be able to play/replay simulations.

About Drivers Ranking and Learning Machine

One cool thing about our driving simulator is that we can run the cars at certain speeds, but run the simulation at another speed. Cars are less likely to run into each other going 10 miles per hour than going 100 miles per hour. But we can run the simulation at a fast speed and watch them and scroll through them at a different speed.

We need to write a program which determines if the car "crashed" so that we know there was a bug in the system. We need to be able to save these off to replay them. It seems relatively easy to determine whether a car crashed or mis-behaves compared to making a car drive. Then as we can crank up the speed, the complexity, the number of cars, the craziness of other cars till it "crashes" and then try to figure out why.

We can also set max cars speeds, and time how long it takes to do things. This is an objective measurement of better, and stresses the "planning" code. For example, does the car drive around forever looking for a parking spot like my dad does? Doing speed tests seems far out right now, but there are probably cases we will run into earlier? Can you think of one?

It could be that when we crash, we reset the car and add 10 seconds to the time. This would allow us to objectively focus on cars that get shorter numbers and incorporate all sorts of logic and boil it to one number.