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Activities for Brad Edwards

Date Time Tasks
2008-jul-5 2 hours Met with Keith, went through project with Ben Shelef, worked on several pages, started on Blender again
2008-jul-6 2 hours Set-up account for Ben, worked on major issues pages in terms of software, related e-mail, blender tutorial
2008-jul-7 3 hours E-mail, a few pages, ... but primarily Blender tutorial and testing.
2008-jul-8 2.5 hours Finished initial versions of all Major issue pages, went through to clean a couple spread sheets, looked at the finite element code and Collada
2008-jul-9 3 hours E-mail, Overview page rework, linking in spreadsheets, additional work on Climber, Ribbon and other pages. Trying to get items set up for people to come in and work on.
2008-jul-10 1.25 hours E_mail, Cleaned up Deployment and environmental pages adding info and work needed, added Latest Post section to front page and separate page to highlight newest completions,
2008-jul-11 Out
2008-jul-12 5.25 hours Updating pages and specify work to be done, Collada ad Blender work
2008-jul-13 4 hours Converted graphic, doc and xls files, uploaded files and updated pages, worked on Blender
2008-jul-15 2.75 hours e-mails,planning, ...
2008-jul-16 0.5 hours housekeeping
2008-jul-18 1 hour Wiki discussions - technical and otherwise
2008-jul-20 3 hours Working with people on the Wiki
2008-jul-21 3 hours E-mails - recruiting, worked on various pages and bugs
2008-jul-22 2 hours Met with Keith and went through Wiki material afterwards on the new computer
2008-jul-24 3.5 hours Working on Wiki and recruiting
2008-jul-25 3.5 hours Working on Wiki and recruiting --------------end of pay period
2008-jul-26 5 hours K3D, site work, recruitment, K3D/Collada (no joy)
2008-jul-27 4 hours K3D, Wiki, e-mail
2008-jul-29 3 hours K3D, e-mail, organization
2008-jul-30 3 hours Recruiting, Wiki
2008-jul-31 2 hours E-mail, recruiting, Wiki
2008-Aug-01 2 hours Same stuff
2008-Aug-02 3.5 hours recruiting, Wiki pages
2008-Aug-03 3 hours Wiki, e-mail