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Title: Dibbs

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  • Moderator: Ben Shelef
  • Created: July 6, 2008
  • Modified: July 6, 2008


  • This is a collaborative article
  • Discipline(s): Wiki, Engineering


This is a collaborative page used for figuring out who's doing what.

Editors: it's easiest to use the section-edit links to get straight to the list you want to modify

Because of a bug in the issue tracker: it is best to add or edit issues on your user page, and only SHOW your issues on this page.

Brad Edwards


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Kinda Done In Progress Intend to do
  • General Wiki set-up
  • Filling in background material for people to work with
  • Fleshing out work projects
  • Recruit people
  • Collaboration in general
  • Filling in the integration Matrix - this may be constantly changing and too complex to be useful so I need to evaluate it first
  • Will pick my favorite technical topics to work once the site is up and operational

Ben Shelef

Kinda Done In Progress Intend to do

Andrew Price

email: aprice2704@gmail.com

http://www.healthspace.com HealthSpace Integrated Solutions Ltd.

http://www.skyder.com Skyder Research Ltd.

Wants a space elevator that can lift 400,000 teu (20ft containers) of cargo per year

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Kinda Done In Progress Intend to do
  • Perhaps -- Coordinator of the Journal of Space Elevator Science, a publication of the Space Elevator Systems Institute

Ed Gray

Business Pillar

Lead: Ed Gray 650-576-7315 cell
650-731-6399 fax
E-mail Ed Gray

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Kinda Done In Progress Intend to do
Confirmed Team Members

Mission Statement Draft Post Note on Business Plan Best Practices

Greg Rebholz

Legal Pillar (wiki) gregrebholz@gmail.com <issues project = "Greg Rebholz" search="false" filter="false" />

Kinda Done In Progress Intend to do
  • Distribute legal landscape paper
  • Formation of communications group
  • Development of Legal Pillar on wiki
  • Network with space law lawyers to seed the SE concept
  • Agency creation

Amie Ellison

Japanese Translation <issues project = "Amie Ellison" search="false" filter="false" />

Abraham Becker

See my user page for discussion of my proposed Photonic/Ablative Propulsion(s) for Contingency Reentry

<issues project = "Abraham Becker" search="false" filter="false" />

Christopher J Petrella

Spinoff Technologies

Andreas Hein

Ablative Propulsion for Contingency Reentry <issues project = "Andreas Hein" search="false" filter="false" />

Bryan Laubscher

Red Team Concept - Oscillations, Satellites and Debris <issues project = "Bryan Laubscher" search="false" filter="false" />

Jim Dempsey

Numerical simulation tools <issues project = "Jim Dempsey" search="false" filter="false" />

David Lang

<issues project = "David Lang" search="false" filter="false" />

Ted Semon

<issues project = "Ted Semon" search="false" filter="false" />

Ben Klamm

<issues project = "Ben Klamm" search="false" filter="false" />

Blaise Gassend

<issues project = "Blaise Gassend" search="false" filter="false" />

Keith Curtis

Software & Simulation work

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Wiki work

<issues project = "WikiTodo" search="false" filter="false" />

Larry Bartoszek

See http://www.bartoszekeng.com/se_calcs/se.htm for my original work. <issues project = "Larry Bartoszek" search="false" filter="false" />