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Title: Dibbs

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  • Moderator: Ben Shelef
  • Created: July 6, 2008
  • Modified: July 6, 2008


  • This is a collaborative article
  • Discipline(s): Wiki, Engineering


This is a collaborative page used for figuring out who's doing what.

Editors: it's easiest to use the section-edit links to get straight to the list you want to modify

Brad Edwards

Kinda Done In Progress Intend to do

Ben Shelef

Kinda Done In Progress Intend to do

David Lang

Ted Semon

Blaise Gassend

Andrew Price

Keith Curtis

I will help give advice on software tools. There is a maze of good software, and I will do some analysis. Please tell me your requirements, and we will together find some software that meets them.

I will also switch this website over to another domain, and can install mediawiki extensions, etc. If someone wants shell access to the server, let me know.