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(Jeko) Quickgraph:

(Jeko) NPack:

(Jeko) Others:

(Jeko) dnAnalytics: [1]


Here is a set of math functions that the torcs robot needs.

Note it doesn't use operators, and our code should to look much nicer.

We should be binary compatible with torcs, but we can change it to match our data structures.

Computer Vision

Found a .Net wrapper!

Intel's code written in C++ in 1999-2000. Not too much going on with it, but it was used by Stanford in the Darpa Grand Challenge. It has code that should be thrown away, but it is comprehensive. I think we should start with it, especially that there is a .Net wrapper


Motion Planning

Motion Strategy Library,

Motion Planning Kit,

Driving simulators

Darpa contestant (will try to get the code)

Urban driving simulator

Steering code:,

Game libraries

(Jeko) Mono Tao Framework (Jeko)

Ogre: A good and popular one with a big online community. Used by many "serious" project, it is well documented. A friend of mine worked with and recommended it. (Supports mono, not that used) (Popular, doesn't support Mono)


I've been using openscenegraph for 2 years (that was 2 years ago) and it has been a pain! Lack of documentation and a few bugs. However it is quite popular, it is still not very mature. Its good points however: there are many import of 3D formats supported and it offer good real-time performances.

(Jeko) More:

Physics Engines

The physics engine we will use is likely this:

There are .Net wrappers we will use so we can program in C#: (Jeko)

PDF intro:

API overview: (We should consider using one of the physics simulator GUIs. I noticed SimulatorBob but it is written in MFC, so we can do better.)

Racing games, nice looking, source code available but not open source (restrictive license)., require art work to look better. The track format supports junctions.


AForge AI Library written in C# Image processing, neural networks, machine learning, and vision. There is a decent amount of traffic on the forums, and the releases have thousands of downloads. The guy is from Latvia and has linked-in profile says he is looking for consulting work:


Article about library:

Removed from consideration

Jad Engine:

All in C#, but going through a rewrite, and they don't have a community yet.

Delta 3-D

Small community

PLIB, Portable game library: Features: sound effects, music, a complete 3D engine, font rendering, a simple Windowing library, a game scripting language, a GUI, networking, 3D math library and a collection of handy utility functions. Each library component is fairly independent of the others - so if you want to use SDL, GTK, GLUT, or FLTK instead of PLIB's 'PW' windowing library, you can.

This is a cool component for people making simple games, but we don't need most of it, and the stuff we do need isn't that powerful or popular. Torcs uses it, but that will change :-)

Irrlicht:, also has .Net bindings

Looks like a good engine, but some have complaints about it: it is less pluggable, less powerful, etc. This is a port of Ogre that is clean, rich, and supports Mono. It doesn't have the community of Ogre and Irrlicht. Using a native C# component is awesome, but using something with a community is more important.