Advanced mailing list management

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How to manage the mailing lists?


  • Import user list from CSV.
  • A little widget on the website where people could register to be notified.

PHPList was mentioned so this is a favorite option.

State of the art

From: A Trek Through Wordpress Mailing List Plugins – Email Mailing List Manager

A lot of plugins out there allows to notify users by email when new posts are published. However the author of this article says that RSS email notification made this obsolete. I don't know what to think about this. (Update: PHPList allows people to register to be notified of RSS feed update by email)

For now I selected those two options:

Full features, excellent easy administration features. Can create multiple lists, send mail or newsletters, contains every feature I wanted except 1. There is no included, fast or easy to export the lists. So you can’t get the lists out without using other software. I need the client to be able to export the various maililng lists in a standard format like CSV. Not to mention this plugin cost $20 (which is cheap if it ONLY had tat one feature).

A nice simply way to integration the forms form PHPList into wordpress. Includes admin functionality so you can adjust the list options and attributes from PHPlist in the wordpress admin. I love this plugin and I’m using it for all my mailing list needs. Only problem is you have to install and work with a separate program PHPlist, but once you get use to it, PHPlist is full featured and does everything I need it to do including multiple import / export options.