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The various other driving robots in Torcs (from Wolf Dieter)

The "delphin V1.00" is the easiest to understand one, drives stable and can be extended by others without great initial training. It consumes litte simulation time and initializes very fast.

The "ModBod" (also written in Delphi) drives faster and uses a precalculated racingline beeing alone, but switches to the delphin-mode in traffic. Extending it would take more time to learn about how it works. (It was used last year to prepare the races for the wdbee_2007, written in C++, only reading the modbot information and driving while racing) Consumes litte simulation time but takes some time to initialize the racingline.

The new "Simplix"(="Wdbee") (written in C++) is the top of the art robot (See the results of the Forza race at the TORCS Racing board:

It drives very fast and uses three precalculated racinglines (One fast beeing alone, one at each side to avoid without reducing the speed more than needed). If pitting is used, there are six racinglines to get the fastest way in an off the pitlane too! But to precalculate the racinglines, it tooks a lot of time while initialization and it consumes much more simulation time!