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Milestone 1 Goals

Misc: (Keith)

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Vision: (Aleks)

  • Get Intel code compiling on Ubuntu
  • and into a Mercurial tree. (20 hours)
  • Hook up .Net wrapper to Intel vision code. (10 hours)
  • Create / find a 2-frame GUI tool which takes a picture and applies various Intel code to it and displays an output image (40 hours)
  • Provide an API to on-demand take an image and return simple analysis to driving engine. (20 hours)

Driving: Wolf Dieter

  • Port Torcs robot written in Delphi to C# (100 hours) [1]
  • Call vision code at appropriate times (20 hours)

World Simulator (Jeko)

Slimmed Torcs Get a slimmmed Torcs compiling on Ubuntu Linux and in a Mercurial tree 10 hours (elapsed: 3h)
Planning OSG versus Ogre, C# linear algebra code, Torcs roadmap, etc., etc. ? (elapsed: 4h)
I went through Codebase Analysis page and I marked up the codebases for you to check out. For example, how much do the C# wrappers help when using openscenegraph? Should we use that piece of code or another one? Does Ogre have equivalent functionality? I cannot even answer these basic questions which is why I'd like you to!

Build a slide showing the various boxes of Torcs and Ogre and what you plan on doing to them. That will provide us a roadmap and I would love to see it! I've given you all the considerations I believe I can provide, but we can talk it through along the way as well.

? hours
Screenshots Provide a C# API to create screenshots for vision code 20 hours (elapsed: 0h)
UI Build ways for us to run tests in one click of a listbox or a command-line.

This can wait till Ogre if we want to do it in using a C# GUI. What one do we use?

20 hours (elapsed: 0h)

Later Goals

  • Port ssgraph / plug in Ogre ? 3-d wheels patches [2]
  • Plug in Open Dynamics Engine
  • Ability to log all changes in C# to the world including results of vision analysis, so that we can replay to figure out what happened.
  • hook the output of the vision recognition into the input of the 3-D engine, by creating ghost images.
  • Write C# HasCrashed() function so that we know we have a bug in our driving or vision code.
  • Add other features like waypoints, stopsigns. (Someone else doing this we should hook up with [3])