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We need to write a program which determines if the car "crashed" (WDB:) Here TORCS has the damage(counter) of a car. If a car crashes against the barrier, it gets damage points, depending of the speed it had. If two cars crashes against each other, both cars get damamge points. But a crash at the car's front counts more points than "beeing hit" at the rear side. If a car got more than 9999 damage points, it is kicked out of the race.

custom physics engine (WDB:) TORCS uses custom physics engines. There a two versions at the moment. In the distribution simuv2.dll/so is used as the default one (Here some changes are made from 1.3.0 to 1.3.1: The anti rollbar is now functional). The work on simuV3 is in progress, but with it all the old robots need to be recalibrated. The target is to make driving more realistic. I.e. the used downforce parameters in V2 are much to high and in V3 a kind of plausibility check is used to limit it to a value taken from an ideal ground effect.

Most often the RGB color system is used for displaying purposes. But for us it would be good to use an other system instead. If the colors aren't mixed from the three basic colors red green and blue (RGB) but from the hue, it's saturation and the intensity (HSI), we just can drop channels like the intensity, to deal with different lights or use only one channel (hue) to get all blues we have in our current image.