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To Do list

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I quickly summarize here my availabilities and the work I plan to do.

Week Availability Job
37 Dead-Line!

Daily journal

The time I spent working on vision project.

Date Time Tasks
Initial 2 hours Grasping the concept of the project and get quick overview of opencv.
2008 June 4 hours Reading about vision and opencv.
2008 June 2 hours Studying and installing mercurial.
2008 June 2 hours First try to compile opencv on ubuntu 8.04. Failure - problems with platform
2008 June 5 hours Opencv tryout on Windows Vista and XP using Visual Express C# and C++. Got partly working but a lot of hassle. Decision - not more tries on Vista platform. If Windows then XP. Dotnet wrapper (with managed C++) did not work.
2008 June 25 2 hours Reinstall Ubuntu 8.04 from scratch on my desktop before another opencv try.
2008 June 26 5 hours Got opencv compile on my Ubuntu machine. Samples are working. Created Ubuntu guide for opencv installation.
Totally June 22 hours
2008 July 1 2 hours Study opencv API and the native code.
2008 July 14 5 hours Got compiled and working sandbox newcore wrapper on mono including interop on shared libraries! Debugger is an issue ...
2008 July 17 6 hours Decided to go for Windows XP and VS2005 for the moment - made fresh installation of Windows XP and VS2005. Installed and compiled opencv and new core wrapper. Interop and sample is working!
Totally July